About the Company

Meet the team at ChemicalEngineeringProfessors.com.

We are passionate about Entrepreneurship. From a young age, We ran lemonade stands, we hosted sales, we did whatever we could to build a business. When it came time to find a job we wanted to start our own company, and  When it came time to start a company, we wanted to work right along side our customers. To do this we needed our niche, and while hunting around we found a genuine need for better, more organized, information about College Professors. Just like that, ChemicalEngineeringProfessors.com was born!

We are dedicated to helping our customers connect with Chemical Engineering Professors, and exposing these professionals to new, innovative products and services on the market. We are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we have an overseas team of 45 programmers, data-miners and marketers.

Who we are

We’ll save you time and energy by providing you with the information you need, when you need it.
As company we have a few goals: We want to provide our customers with great data, we want to build a great relationship with our customers, we want to be your number one source for sports marketing data, and most importantly we want to have fun!
We love Ping Pong, Pizza Fridays, Watching Sports into the AM, but most importantly of all, we love making our customers happy

Nels Pederson – President

Nels is a passionate entrepreneur, E-commerce expert, and customer service pro. In his free time he loves climbing mountains and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Nels’ email is nels@easyinfollc.com

Brett Brohl – Founder

“Brett #1” is a serial entrepreneur, an experienced Search Engine Optimization, and an E-commerce expert. He holds an MBA from the University of Virginia, where he met the other Brett. His email is Brett1@easyinfollc.com
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Brett Nicol – Founder

“Brett #2” was recognized as a “top entrepreneur” by Bloomberg Businessweek.  A former D3 college football and baseball player, he has spent more time than he wishes to remember in training rooms.  His email is Brett2@easyinfollc.com